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Muslims in Burma Bgeham bear the hatred and

Muslims in Burma Bgeham bear the hatred and humiliationManal Moroccan31/03/2009 - 11:00 pm13
Millions of Muslims crushed in many parts of the earth, does not know their brothers in religion, suffering only the bare minimum, as is the case in Myanmar (formerly Burma), but some have not heard of this country originally, but after Cyclone (Nargis), who left behind a large number of victims and missing persons mostly Muslims.
Date of Myanmar witnessed prideState of Myanmar is located in the southeast of the continent of Asia, bordered to the north of China and India, and South Bay of Bengal, India, Bangladesh, and has a population of more than 50 million people, and the proportion of Muslims is estimated at 15% of the total population.
Islam entered this country through (Arakan) - the state within the Republic of Burma, which has the largest gathering of the people of this country - in the first century AH by great companion Waqas Bin Malek may Allah be pleased with him, and there are historians say that Islam came to it through (Arakan) in the reign of the Abbasid Caliph Harun al-Rashid - may God have mercy on him - in the seventh century by Arab traders, impressed with the people of Burma so they followed their religion, their morals, and worked in agriculture in the beginning, then dominated the trade and settled in many spots. Even after it became an Islamic state ruled a Muslim king 48 in a row between 1430-1784 m, and they had coins include Islamic slogans such as the word of Tawheed.
This is indicated on the basis of the presence of Muslims in this country also has some historical monuments as a mosque (Badr denominator) in (Akiab), the capital (Arakan), (mosque Cindy Khan), which was built for 560 years, and mosques (Bureau of Moses), which was built in 1258 AD, the Mosque (Wali Khan), which was built in the fifteenth century AD.
Buddhists in Burma and then the grip of the BritishThe Arakan corner of Burma, and represents the largest population of Muslims in, and there are other groupings of Muslims in each of: (Mandalay and Divuo and Shah and Mkayah and the capital Rangoon) and others, as it is located on those communities most concerted pressure by the government of Burma's military. The key elements of its population and The two are currently two: (Rohingya) who condemn Islam and come from the roots of Arabic and Persian, Indian and Turkish, the language Fajlait from Bengali, Farsi, Arabic, and (Almagu) who believe in Buddhism, as well as ethnic minorities are multiple.
Occupied by the king of Arakan Buddhist (Budabay) in 1784 AD that the annexation of territory to Burma for fear of the spread of Islam in the region, and continued in the persecution of Burmese Buddhists, Muslims and looting Khirathm and encourage Buddhists Almag on that throughout the period of their occupation.
In 1824, Britain occupied Burma, and annexed to the British colonial government of India. In 1937 Britain made with Burma (Arakan) colony independent of the Government of India like the rest of the British colonial empire in the colonies at the time, and I knew the British government of Burma.
Muslims faced English colonialism strongly, making Britain she fears, began its campaign to get rid of the influence of Muslims, the adoption of policies known (divide and rule) reneged on the induction of Buddhists against Muslims, and provided them with weapons even inflicting Muslims massacre in AD 1942 Vtkoa during which about one hundred thousand Muslims in Arakan!!
The independence of BurmaIn 1948, precisely on January 4 was awarded Britain's independence to Burma, provided that the grant for each ethnic independence for after ten years if they so wish, but what he got Alborman independence even broke the royal family, and reneged on the back foot, and continued in the occupation of Arakan without the desire of its inhabitants Rohingya Muslims and Buddhists Almag as well, and they have horrible practices against Muslims.
Tragedies of the Muslims of Burma in terms of social- Exposed Muslims in Burma, especially in (Arakan) for the never-ending series of riots that kills life and property, not the authorities take any security measures to protect the Muslims.
- Roams Albormoyun soldiers and judicial enforcement bodies and Svaho (Almag) Buddhists across the Muslim villages, where they humiliated the elderly and young Muslims and hit enter houses and looting property.
- Muslims are compelled to provide rice and poultry, goats, fire wood and building materials free of charge throughout the year to the soldiers and the implementation of legal bodies.
- The level of population, the government is still the creation of significant changes in the demographics of the Muslim regions. There are no village or region in which only established homes for the settlers Buddhists handed over power in it. Since 1988, the government has established the so-called "model villages" in the north (Arakan), so as to encourage Buddhist families to settle in these areas.
- Not allowing them to host one in their homes if they were brothers or relatives without prior permission, but overnight is strictly not allowed, and is considered a great crime may be punished by the demolition of his home or arrest or expulsion from the country he and his family.
- Depriving Muslim children to continue learning in colleges and universities, and go outside the fold of his registration records of the village, but if he returned Viatql upon his return, and thrown in prison.
- The imposition of forced labor in the army during transportation or military barracks or building roads and other business or government in building roads, dams forced labor at no charge.
- Muslims are not allowed to move from one place to another without a permit, which is difficult to obtain. Is reserved as the passports of Muslims in the government are not allowed to travel abroad only with official permission, and is traveling to the capital of the State (Rangoon), or any other city a punishable offense.
- To force Muslim students in public schools on the bending of the Burmese flag.
- Expulsion or mass displacement of repeated outside the country, as happened in the following years: in 1962 following a military coup the fascist where the expulsion of more than 300,000 Muslims to Bangladesh. In 1978, the expulsion of more than (500,000) or half a million Muslims, in very harsh conditions, have died, nearly 40,000 elderly, women and children, according to statistics and the refugee agency of the United Nations. In 1988, was expelled more than 150,000 Muslims, because of the building model villages for Buddhists in an attempt to change the demographic.
In the year 1991 was nearly expelled (500,000) or half a million Muslims, following the cancellation of the results of the general election which was won by the opposition in a landslide, in retaliation for the Muslims because they voted with the general people of the country for the benefit of the National Democratic Party (NLD) opposition.
- Issuance of the new citizenship law passed in 1982 which divides the citizens as follows:1 - First-class citizens and they are: (Alcarinon and Caúaon and Behiyon, Chinese and Alcamignon).2 - second-class citizens: They are a mixture of first-class races.3 - the third-class citizens: They are Muslims, where they are classified as foreigners entered (Burma) refugees during the occupation by the British government claims Vshpt nationalities became Muslims, and without an identity and deprived of all the work and became a government can deport them at will.
Tragedies of the Muslims of Burma in the economic sense- Burmese government confiscated Muslim lands and fishing boats for no apparent reason.
- The imposition of high taxes on everything, and fines, and prevent the sale of crops, except for the military or their representatives at a low price in order to keep the Muslims to keep them poor, or to force them to leave home.
- Prevent Muslims from buying agricultural machinery of modern agricultural development projects.
- Cancellation of currencies traded from time to time without compensation and without prior notice.
- The burning of agricultural crops and kill the Muslims of their livestock.
- Muslims are not allowed to operate within the industrial sector in (Arakan).
Tragedies of the Muslims of Burma in the religious aspect- Do not allow the government to print religious books and publications of the Islamic only after approval from the government and this is very difficult.
- Do not let the Muslims launched their beards or wearing Islamic dress in the workplace.
- The government confiscated the property of Awqaf and cemeteries for the burial of Muslims allocated and distributed to others or to turn into public toilets or sheds for pigs and cattle!!
- Senior clerics subjected to abuse, beatings and being forced to work in concentration camps.
- Prohibiting the use of loudspeakers for the launch of the call to prayer, and I prevent the call to prayer after Ramadan 1403 AH.
- Interfere with the government illegally in the management of mosques and schools in order to impose its will on them.
- Prevent the Muslims from performing Hajj with the exception of a few individuals who know and accept the government for their conduct.
- Prevent the slaughter of sacrificial animals.
- The demolition of mosques and convert them to discotheques and Khmarat and the role of housing or converted into warehouses and military barracks, park, and the confiscation of land and real estate Waqf Islamic and distributed to Almag Buddhists, in this context, Vice President of the Federation of Muslim students in the province of Arakan Abrahi Muhammad Atiq Rahman in an interview with "agency Islamic News Ina: "The Government of Myanmar has during the year 2001 destroyed about 72 mosques and issued under a law which prevented the building of new mosques and repair or restoration of old mosques, and that the law provides for the demolition of a mosque built during the last ten years.
- Christianization campaigns, especially after the recent cyclone.
- Desperate attempts to (bromization) dissolving the Islamic culture and Muslims in the Burmese Buddhist community forcibly, it has imposed a Buddhist culture and the marriage of Buddhist and not wearing the hijab for Muslim girls and use the names of Buddhism.
- Blurring of identity and Islamic monuments: that the destruction of Islamic monuments, mosques, schools, historical, and the rest are strictly prohibited from restoration as well as reconstruction or construction of any new thing related to religion from mosques, schools, libraries, orphanages, etc., and some of them come down on the heads of people because of the passage of time , and Islamic schools, or prevent the development of government recognition and endorsement of certificates or graduates.
Status of Muslim women in Burma1 - giving the injection contraceptive for Muslim women in many cases, raising the marriage age for girls to 25 years and men 30 years old, to prevent decades of marriage only after lengthy procedures and permission from the authorities, to prevent multiplicity strictly Whatever the reason, prevent the remarriage of divorced or widowed but After one year, otherwise they will expose himself to the prison and heavy fines or expulsion from the country. The aim of all this is to eliminate them or reduce their numbers.
2 - If the wife gets pregnant it must be she went in accordance with the decision of the governing authorities to the management of border security forces "Nasaka" to take the image of color revealing her stomach after the passage of every month until she gives birth, and every time we must pay the fees for a lot, so make sure to also claim to power the safety of the fetus, and to facilitate statistical born after the birth.
3 - Women are taken forcibly from their homes and forced to work in army camps without charge.
4 - to force Muslim girls to marry Buddhists.
5 - attendance compulsory for Muslim girls is married to the leadership of the armed forces and work for 6 months under the supervision of members of the border guards.
6 - violation of the sanctity of women and forced to take off the veil.
7 - mass rapes and indecent assault in the ranks of some Muslim women who die because of rape.
The role of Muslims towards their brothers in BurmaSome groups and Islamic movements and organizations to provide some aid to the Muslims in Burma. However, efforts are still limited in their impact is limited to the distribution of food aid and subsidies in kind, which shy away from mentioning the nation tells her religion to be Kalgesd one, but all her day to disperse and get used to the treatment of Muslim victims as if they (beggars) in a time where many wealthy locals level of extravagance and luxury as if they are not a nation of Islam!!

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