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Muslims in Burma Myanmar tragedies do not end

Muslims in Burma Myanmar tragedies do not endStory of Islam31/03/2009 - 11:00 pm33
Was China's long-standing relationship with "Myanmar" Burma, where meets the border with them, and are united Buddhism espoused by the two peoples and their interests since the Cultural Revolution, which wanted to export its ideas to the States adjacent to it, the closest ally of the military there is also said that the site of the BBC, but there are cultural agreements for the link the old Buddhists in both countries demonstrated during the visit of the delegation of the Chinese Cultural, and relations were moving at their own pace as a relationship of friendship and cooperation, in recent decades, there are no problems existing between the two countries and friendship between the "Myanmar" and China's well-established, and cooperation at the bilateral, regional and international levels between the two make good progress.
And has been "Myanmar" to U.S. sanctions and the UN on the impact of the suppression of the army of the Revolution of Buddhist monks September 20, 2007 m in the streets, "Bangun" major cities Burmese, where the challenged tens of thousands of Buddhist monks in the "country's security measures imposed by the army, and carried out the mass demonstrations in two of the major cities the country, in a peaceful protest initiated by monks demanding an end to military rule continued for 45 years, thousands participated in the "Yangon" and "Malawi" city Burmese to walk safely behind the monks, as well as many officials from countries such as: Italian Prime Minister, "Romano Prodi", and the President the British government "Gordon Brown", and a spokesman for the European Commission, "Amadeu Altafaj Tardieu," and the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore and its counterpart, and in all that did not talk about a Muslim in Burma who are suffering both.
By virtue of interest slackened China in denouncing the repressive measures taken by the military forces of the ruling with the pro-democracy Buddhist monks, or "revolution barefoot" as some of the monks call it, but with the pressure on Burma to promote democracy, which was for Buddhists alone, we find Beijing supports reform in the "Myanmar" , but from behind the timid call for military commanders to hide the desire to protect the strategic interests and security, where you get the mutual interests of China and the rules of military facilities in the ports bordering the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. China has interests in power in Myanmar, also imports goods from this country isolated politically, and the volume of trade exchange between the two countries $ 21.1 billion in 2005; m in return for financial support and weapons.
But we find China "firmly opposes" the imposition of UN sanctions on "Myanmar", since they will not help in solving the problems of the country, and tend to "me and Jian Zhao," a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China by the wisdom and responsibility by the UN Security Council, and that the sanctions will not help efforts mediation of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, and contribute to the stability, reconciliation, democracy and development in "Myanmar", but after a Assistant U.S. Secretary of State, "John Negroponte," directed at China, India, which states that the duty of the two countries in their capacity as two forces regional stop for providing "Myanmar" weapons and energy, the impact of the repression carried out by the military junta of the movements were demanding democracy, in a conference on Asia organized by the group "Enterprise Institute, the American": "The time has come to place Beijing and Delhi set aside contracts for the energy that filled the pockets of the ruling group and stop arms sales to the system, "which called on China to show concern about the situation in" Myanmar ".
The turbulent situation in "Myanmar" is concerned about China's neighboring big country with which it shares borders longer than two thousand miles through the jungles, mountains and rivers, including part of the territory of the "Golden Triangle," a source of drug production and trafficking in South-East Asia, and the main objectives of China's strategy in "Myanmar" trapping alliance emerging between India and the United States, Japan and Australia, this alliance threatens China, so they find it natural to have good relations with the neighboring country, and without the support of China may not prevail against the military government to withstand the collapse at any moment, but we did not hear one voice condemns the oppression of the Muslims who were victims to demand democracy, and they pay a high price while the regulation of other ethnic and religious repression have not received anything.Muslims tragedies do not end
Slim God Hussein Abdel Rahman, head of the Organization of Solidarity Alrōhngiamn these claimants the rights of Muslims Sheikh "sound is Hussein Abdel-Rahman," the head of the solidarity of the Rohingya, who said, after the arrival of military rule in 1962, In 1978, displaced Burma more than three hundred thousand Muslims to Bangladesh, and in the in 1982 abolished the nationality of the Muslims under the pretext that they Mtotnon in Burma after the year 1824, the year of the entry of British colonial rule to Burma, despite the reality and history Akzban, in the year 1992, displaced Burma about three hundred thousand Muslims to Bangladesh again, and the rest of the Muslim is to follow the policy of eradication with them through programs of genocide and birth control among Muslims, Vamuslimh forbidden to marry before the age of 25 years The man is not allowed to marry before the age of 30 years old.
He adds, Sheikh Salim God, saying: "It took the wife to be she went in accordance with the decision of the governing authorities to the management of border security forces" Nasaka "to take the image of color revealing her stomach after the passage of every month until she gives birth, and every time we must pay the fees for a lot, and that To make sure, as claimed by the power of the safety of the fetus, and to facilitate the census, born after the birth. but the tongue of reality looms that the purpose of making such a decision bitter is the disregard for the feelings of Muslims and confirm that they do not have any right to live in the "Arakan" security and peace!!, adding that there is a rape and indecent assault for display in the ranks of some Muslim women who die because of it, and soldiers who are doing all such acts, oppression and humiliation against Muslims trained at the hands of malevolent Jews.
Tragedies of Muslims in Burmalahak for Muslims of Burma in life and the last thing about the government's ideas of fascism to prevent marriage!, The government issued a Buddhist decree banning marriage Muslims for 3 years; until at least descendants of Muslims and rampant immorality among them, and the government has imposed tough conditions on the marriage of Muslims in ten years; forcing them to pay large bribes to allow them to marry are added to the abuse suffered by Muslims as a prelude to root them out after reducing the number, displaced from their villages in which the elements of the agricultural activity and impoverishment and the dissemination of illiteracy among them.
The Connect the number of refugees as a result of abuse about "two million Muslims," ​​mostly in Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia of the total Muslims in Burma, refugees live in Bangladesh in a sorry state in the "Tekinav" in the camps built of grass and leaves in the contaminated environment and wetlands, which carry a lot diseases such as malaria, cholera and diarrhea, which places allocated to them by the government in Bangladesh in the Diaspora, where there are camps that lack the necessities of life in the country also suffers from poverty, "Bangladesh" and aspire for the media to spread their suffering in various languages ​​of the world.
So there is planned a Buddhist Burmese to evacuate the territory of Arakan Muslims expelled from or impoverishment and keep them weak, helpless helpless, and to use them as slaves and served them, as they had not been invited even to attend the General Conference, and is trying many of the initial opinion, the definition of the case and especially against the global Islamic organizations such as Organization of the Islamic Conference, the Association of the Islamic world.
Persecution of Muslims in the "Bermanaa" But we find a voice finds a depth extent of the suffering of Muslims in Burma but in the world under the pretext of Islamic terrorism or so-called Islamophobia Islamophobia in what attached him to the issues in the Muslim world that claimed the victim of oppression in the world Muslims alone, he was "Michel Jlkwyn "from the newspaper Le Journal, which says:" After the events of atheist of September 2001 in the United States of America, I found several systems in the fight against "terrorism" as a pretext to eliminate its opponents, especially if those representing ethnic minorities, religious Islam is for them the common denominator .
Thus was glued status of "terrorism" the infamous Chechen resistance by Putin and his team, the Vice President did not hesitate to Serbian "Nabuja Ovi" in the declaration of the existence of "some supporters of Osama bin Laden children in Kosovo." Same thing for Sharon, who has invested without decency trauma to the United States of America, echoed the same frequency required by the colonial regimes that flout any refusal to undergo Nerha, to reject any resistance to Zionism. There are Muslim minorities are to ignore the relative across the world, found itself paying the price of delirium anti-Islam, which spread suddenly without reservation. In two known instances Boukrgahma for Human Rights, namely China and "Bermanaa", there are Muslim minorities, especially the Uighurs and the Rohingya, suffer from the intensity of mass persecution, it is this minority? What are the assets? What is culture? How are you trying to maintain its identity?.
A mosaic of minorities "," Bermanaa "" a mosaic of minorities and a mixture of religions, besides Buddhists who make up the majority of the population, we find Christians and Muslims, Islam is in the "Bermanaa" religion of the majority of large back its roots to the territory of "Arakan", on the border with Bangladesh, a also a reference for groups of micro-ups of different minorities, settled there in the colonial era, or were dispersed across the country. Brings us see living conditions imposed on the Muslims to observe double: on the one hand, it comes to the imposition of trusteeship for the people residing near the border because of the close historic ties to Bengal Muslims, and falls of this form of oppression and control in the context of the general features dominate the religious minorities in the border areas, and on the It's also about a second a desire to erase the peculiarities of minorities, that would be a kind of lust at the orders of the central authority and domination that you want to maintain harmony "Burmese nationalism" (two-thirds of the country's population are Albermanyen). And to the persecution which is located his victim total components of society Albermana, add to that genocide is direct, and many are the examples that prove that the authorities were trying to inflame, but exciting confrontations between communities and the followers of different religions, and hide the troublemakers that strife in the fashion of Buddhist monks, despite announcing the official repeated non- responsibility for such events. It is noticeable that in each process for the resettlement of Allajin, after the side agreements between Dhaka and Bangkok, is an exception to many Muslims the right to return the grounds that their identities, ie, where their citizenship Mhbh.
Rohingya Muslims of Arakan area is located, "Arakan" to the west of "Bermanaa," It was between 1430 and 1783 an independent kingdom under the rule of Muslim sultans, before occupied by Burmese Empire in the process of invasion and wide. And since 1825 were subjected to British control, which ended with the extension of its hegemony over the whole "Bermanaa current". Motivated by the policy of divide and rule, the work of British colonialism to connect all areas newly occupied Indian Empire (and remained in that position to 1937), creating contradictions between minorities and the followers of different religions. During this period, settled some Albermanyen and Muslims in various areas under British control, either to work in commerce, or in the functions belonging to the British rule, has helped these migrations nationalists Parliament, to claim that those Muslims in the majority are followers of British colonial rule, here was considered "strangers "accused of betraying the Burmese nationalism, and so there is no longer only one step, did not hesitate Albermaon including known Democrats, it is overcome. The territory of Arakan current as it comprises part of the Buddhists, who call them the name "Alrakhin", the attempt to challenge the legitimacy and authenticity of Muslim citizens it soon loomed clearly, even though the Muslims did not stop until the year 2000 of the claim is not secession, but autonomy under federal privacy Bermanah respect religious and cultural democracy. This heavy legacy of the historical conflicts that explain today's sense of distrust Muslims of Arakan which is the victim. In the newly industrialized language, means the Muslims with the word "Kala", which means in the local language strange geography, and so appears to us that the ruling elite in Rangoon was devoted to the practice of anti-Muslim and filled with sediments and backgrounds from scratch. After that, however deprived the polls in 1990 and Chbtaat power by force to continue to plunder, made the authoritarian elite of the country's Muslim minority scapegoat to direct the appropriate sense of oppression and anger of the people steeped in the misery. Persecution and displacement of Muslims from here launched since the beginning of the nineties after the cancellation of the election results a wave of persecution took the form as a policy of ethnic cleansing over the Muslims of Arakan stationed especially in the northern part of the country, resulting in the displacement of between 250 to 280 thousand, including about Bangladesh, which refused to receive them However, after several efforts to live in harsh conditions in camps lacking minimum necessities of life.
He added: We have managed the International Refugee Organization of the resettlement of 90 per cent of them, having reached agreements hotly disputed, but remained about 21 people in two camps near the south the former East Pakistan, this is without talking, according to sources different from the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who broke through the border again. But those who imposed them to return and remain without any rights subjected to forced labor and oppression at the hands of "Alrakhin" any Buddhists, did not they get citizenship because of the decree October 16, 1982. Moreover, the form of the ruling regime, armed militia is "Nasaka" whose mission is to spread terror and the confiscation of land and carry out the atrocities: the assassinations, rape, torture, these practices have become commonplace. And suffered several devastating raids of villages as they put into suspicion, as in the area "Sitio" on February 4, 2001. Despite restrictions on the freedom of roaming, managed to Muslims in many cases to escape to the outside, but individually, and go to Malaysia, which has become since the 1997 crisis refuses reception of migrants, however, arrived asylum-seekers to them to be assembled in a building belonging to the United Nations in Kuala Lumpur. And confirms to me that the intensification of resentment against this situation that denies the link on the Muslims, even their identity, will lead to the creation of a kind of radical identity. The Burmese authorities did not stop the demolition of mosques never Muslims, and compensation for teachers, tutors and Buddhists, Muslims. The rumors spread after the September 11, 2001 says that al-Qaeda network of Osama bin Laden planted followers have central elements of the Islamic Resistance, was the publication of these rumors are members of the militia "Nasaka", which led to the closure of the border for three days from 13 to October 16, 2001, and starting a wave of persecution blind. However, these rumors fed by the internal politics that attempt to demonize the resistance movement led by the Muslim "Rohingya", which remains very limited resistance. According to the official spokesman for the Muslims of Burma News, the claim that members of the resistance training at the hands of al-Qaeda and its support of the latter, means that the border areas could have been to witness the movement of combat range, which did not happen.
Massacres as "Islamophobia!" Suffering of Muslim minorities in various areas of "Bermanaa" of being the targets are ideal for directing the internal tensions to it, and although the status of these minorities less dramatic than the situation of Muslim Rohingya, but their situation has deteriorated a great in recent years, as it were subjected to massacres and qualifying extensively and rapidly, as is filming this massacre as a result of spontaneous sectarian clashes, although the perpetrators are known, and the fact that the security or shun the army to intervene. These campaigns and track the demolition of mosques, and attempts to answer the Muslims from their religion under duress, and the burning of houses and shops, which of course leaves dead and wounded. And such practices occur especially in the cities, with explanations and excuses, In March 1997, the cities of Rangoon and Pegu and Mondalaa Munlaan and the scene of bloody events. He emphasized that in May and June 2001 known some of the major cities a new wave of violence that reflect the hatred of the Muslims (Islamophobia) that left hundreds dead, In the day following the bombings, September 11, 2001, I knew the area (PROM) west of the city of Pegu incidents of blood, the imposition of a curfew then in October 10. As in the countryside and villages, the army intervenes publicly against Muslims and seize their belongings and miserable hate them to switch to Buddhism, the official state religion. This bleak situation for the Muslims "Bermanaa", emphasizes the extent to which he wants to arrive in authoritarian rule erase Muslim minority, in the silence of the international media and international organizations.
He concludes, "Michelle Jlkwyn" He asked: "Can Muslims" Rohingya "and Muslims" Myanmar ", despite the difficulties the alliance with the Democrats and other oppressed minorities in the country, in order to build" "Bermanaa" "democracy?
He answered, saying: "nothing is certain, unfortunately, the current global Valzerfah, and uncertainties that went to the Muslims whatever their nationality, make such a task is not easy.

This report is a document must be disclosed to the world, and we chose to be mentioned alongside the Islamic to teach those who do not know that in Islam, "Myanmar" is dying, and almost that Muslims Atlachoa Is there one responded? Muslims did not cry for them. .

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