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Muslims in Burma between the past and the reality of painful flowered

Muslims in Burma between the past and the reality of painful floweredAhmed Abdul Aziz Abu-Amer31/03/2009 - 11:00 pm47
Important fact taught us by our religion, which is that Muslims all over the world Kalgesd one, as stated in an interview Nu'man bin Bashir - may Allah be pleased with him, he said the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: "Like the believers in their mutual love, mercy and compassion, such as the one body, if he complained it is collapsed, the rest of the body to ensure a fever "and this feeling of every Muslim to his Muslim brothers no matter how far, including the Bekaa Tinat or their home.
What we knew in the history of Islam Majid Qataba solid and feelings of fossilized see what he does enemies their brethren in the faith of killing, displacement and persecution, as if it is not interested only in Asorna late, Yes, the bulk of the lands of Islam are governed by dictatorial regimes do not care about the Association of Islamic, does not care what is happening to many Muslims around the world from the oppression and displacement.
The duty of the owners of pens to participate in the definition of their brethren and to expose the conspiracies being hatched against them by the Governments of unjust everyone knows their situation and duty towards them .. At that expose the alleged vaunted democracy in the civilized world and to show the fact vaunted claim to human rights and defending the oppressed from the oppressor.
True that they may be helped some oppressed but who is not a Muslim .. But when the hurt torment Saba on Muslims, and persecuted under the nose of the whole world, the ears become deaf, the eyes become blind, and tongues and pens get Babakm, but when exposed people or community or even an individual with blood blue or humiliation of dignity, they then declare emergency and mobilize pens and moving all meansMedia world, or pay nothing until the revenge of those who raised concern was for those white blue eyes blond hair while Muslims do not Bouake them why?
The reason is simple explained Starter Islamic observer when he said: "The blood of the Islamic are cheaper blood when he missed a cheap and colluded whole world wasted without raising one in this world Aqirth the so-called human rights .. this blood cheap needs to examine the independent and adequate condemns the civilization of this age sons who claims to progressive and ideological freedom and animal rights. "
And I will have with you Dear Reader, with views of the reality of Muslim people in the oppressed (Myanmar - formerly Burma) in the past, bright and dark reality and its future. The Muslims of Burma designated (Balrohangian) Prior to the detailed statement to warn Important note a mistake to imagine that many of the suffering people of Burma are the only Muslim in the (staff) until the issue has made the Muslims of Staff is the issue of Muslims in Burma as a whole. It is true that Muslims are the pillars of the largest concentration of Muslims there, but there are many other gatherings of Muslims in each of (Divuo and Mandalay, Shan and Mkayah and the capital Rangoon) and others .. It will talk about this subject within the following elements:
- Muslims prosperous past, how has worsened since the British colonial rule.- The tragic reality to them after the Communist coup.- The problems they suffer from persecution and looting rights.- Jihad and the call by the Muslims and why it failed.- The future is dark, why and how the solution.
Prosperous past of Muslims in BurmaIslam entered this country after what came some Muslim missionaries from the Gulf and southern Arabia and India and others, and was impressed by the people of Burma ethics preachers so they followed their religion, and worked in agriculture and then dominated the trade and settled in many of the Bekaa, and the biggest gathering in (corners). The name (Alrohanjia), which belongs Muslims from the old name of the elements has been settled there before (Almag) Buddhists, it can be shown by many historical facts that support this fact, which shows the feet of Muslims in this country, historic monuments, such as a mosque (Badr shrine (at) Akiab), the capital (staff) as well as (Cindy Khan Mosque), which was built 560 years ago, a mosque (Bureau of Moses), which was built in 1258 AD, a mosque, (Wali Khan), which was built in the 15th century.
The affairs of the Muslims at the time is good, and they had their place, but they set up in the corners of an Islamic state between 1430-1784 m and had them coins include Islamic slogans such as the word of Tawheed, that occupied the corners by the King Buddhist (Bordeaba) in 1784 AD and was the Muslims after the slaughter of and Islamic landmarks obliterated, and the lawful nature of Buddhist place, and subjected to massacres of Muslims continued until the British colonialists.
The position of Muslims in Burma from the British colonialistsMuslims faced English colonialism violently, making Britain she fears, began its campaign to get rid of the influence of Muslims to enter the band between the different religions in this country to disperse their unity and Aikaalaadaoh them as usual in their policies known (divide and rule) were lit wars between Muslims and Buddhists, and they were such conspiracies in several aspects of abused by Britain to the Muslims whatever abuse, including:
1 - the expulsion of Muslims from their jobs and the establishment of Buddhists in their place.2 - the confiscation of their property and distributed to the Buddhists.3 - the involvement of Muslims, especially their leaders imprisoned or exiled in outside the home.4 - incitement against Muslims, Buddhists, Buddhists and extending arms to Muslims inflicting Mzbanhm Vtkoa in 1942, where about one hundred thousand Muslims in the corners.5 - Close institutes, schools, courts and blown up with explosives.
Situation of the Muslims after the independence of BurmaWon Burma's independence from Britain on January 4, 1948 Vtfael Muslims good as would be followed by independence in their perception of security, stability and equality among the peoples of the state regardless of their religion, especially since the Constitution after independence, within the freedom of belief and the right of ethnic nationalities to practice their religions freely, but (Mr. Aono ) was the first Prime Minister of New Muslims ignore jihad and fight the colonizer, who was under the loyalty (OrganizationBremen Kenjrs Muslim) saying that there is no justification for Muslims to be membership in the parliamentary assemblies, and must work within the Party (Burma) (AFPFL) with the abandonment of their organization above.
However, Muslims have lived there existence is good, where the notorious trade and built more than 3,000 mosques and a school, but helped the mosques and Muslim schools in the Indian subcontinent, and was in the last national government before the coup, the Communist 3 and Muslim ministers of them (Mr. Abdul Razak) who has had an impact which was not any Muslim minister.
Law of nationality in BurmaBurmese government enacted two laws in 1948 were the guarantee citizenship to Muslims there, and after years of rumored that the government in legal loopholes and sockets provided in the July 4, 1981 m draft new law, which narrow the Muslims and was released in 1982 which divides the citizens as follows:
1 - First-class citizens and they (and Alcarinon Caúaon and Behiyon, Chinese and Alcamignon).2 - second-class citizens: They are a mixture of first-class races.3 - the third-class citizens: They are Muslims, where they are classified as foreigners entered the Burma refugees during the British colonial government claims as Vshpt nationalities became Muslims, and without an identity and deprived of all the work and became a government can deport them at will.
Then the Burmese government has proposed four types of citizenship are:1 - pastoral. 2 - the citizen.3 - a naturalized citizen. 4 - stateless.For the first and the second two categories enjoy equal rights in political and economic affairs and the Department of State.
The third category: citizenship, but taken by request of the Government of the impossible conditions, and the last category (stateless) Faihtdz in jail for a period and then determine his stay in the (concentration camp) and forces them to work in production, if do good work allows them to certificate of registration of foreigners to live in the area selected.
With this law, and became Muslims chased Kalitamy villains on the table, which display the persecution, murder and displacement.
Painful reality after the Communist coup:In 1962, an event communist coup led by General (T s), which declared Burma (state socialism), and stated publicly that Islam is the enemy, and results in the unfair campaign against the Muslims and the nationalization of their property and their property by 90% in the Arakan alone, while it did not nationalize the Buddhists, only 10 % withdrew currency from circulation to the detriment of traders Muslims often as not make up for by the state and then imposed Buddhist culture and the marriage of Buddhist and not wearing the hijab for Muslim girls and use the names of Buddhism, and the face of this oppression bitter bounced some Muslims to enjoy citizenship rights official away from persecution, torture and forced many of forced migration from their homes and property to the Islamic countries, especially Bangladesh, after military campaigns criminal on their land and their places.
Problems faced by Muslims in BurmaIn addition to the above statement of abuse and the killing and displacement, many Muslims are suffering harassment are as follows:1 - nationalization of the endowments.2 - the nationalization of newspapers and magazines daily, weekly and monthly.3 - prevent print any Islamic book, and it recently allowed within narrow limits.4 - Stop the building of mosques.5 - to prevent the call to prayer after Ramadan 1403 AH.6 - Book passports of Muslims in the government and not allow them to travel abroad without official permission.7 - rejected the appointment of Muslims in official functions.8 - the nationalization of private mosques holiday.
What did the Muslims towards their brothers in Burma?The active movement of the weapon condemnation from some Muslim governments Fahkur It is noteworthy that some groups, movements and organizations of Islamic Penjdeh fellow migrants to Bangladesh (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, etc.).
It is worth the appreciation of the situation good by successive governments in Bangladesh over harboring Muslim Burmese displaced them and set up tents and what it can of food, clothing, services and the contract agreement with the government in 1983 for the return of these refugees to their homes in Burma, and developed a plan for this and actually returned some of them, but they they found their homes and their property looted from the Buddhists and to subscribe Muslims there to nominate representatives (the democratic opposition), which won elections in 1990 returned the communist government of Buddhism to the old habits of persecution and attacks them with, some Muslim groups to defend their land and their money and their symptoms and returned that government tragic situation of the former which contributed to the migration of the myriad back to Bangladesh.
Jihad and the call to the Muslims of BurmaEmerged from many organizations and many Islamic societies, including:1 - Organization of the Islamic Solidarity Alrōhnge (Staff).2 - the Islamic Liberation Organization, the mandate of the Karenni.3 - Organization of the seventh division.4 - Organization of the band South.5 - Muslim Youth Movement (Rangoon).6 - Muslim Student Association.7 - Alrohangian Scholars Association.8 - Jamiat Ulema Islam.9 - Muslim Association of Burma.10 - Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs.
The meaning of these factions working to strengthen row Muslims there in order to maintain their rights and their freedom and keep their Muslim identity and immunized against Christianization campaigns interested in most of these associations to education to open Islamic schools and workshops to learn the Qur'an and to send missionaries to the villages and rural areas to meet the missionaries and aid to the poor and the needy.
Jihad in the development of an extinct, there is no Jihad armed with the conditions of the mountainous country that had to in defense of the symptoms and the property and repel attacks by the communist government without right.
The researchers believe that the reason for a lack of success of these groups in their movements due to the following:1 - Distribution of Muslims in Burma in certain parts of the North (Staff) and the proportion of 30% was accounted for by the Second World War, almost 70% weaker than the movements of the Muslims and especially organizations and associations.2 - there is no agreement or consensus among the Muslims to do translation movements, many of these movements and associations unwarranted because some of them actually grew for personal purposes.3 - Alrohangian most Muslims are not satisfied with these associations to their distrust of them.4 - most of them unknown to the Muslims of Burma.
The dark future of Muslims in BurmaAlthough the face of Muslims to the yoke of oppression Buddhist before independence, and the yoke of oppression Communist afterwards, and suffered from harm, murder and displacement but no one in the world does not hear what they suffer from the problems of heavy did not wake up the conscience of the West in general and America in particular, but after the abolition of the recent elections and the imposition of house arrest on the leader opposition (Oleg San Suu Kyi), then only after more than forty years, aware of the criminality of the Burmese government, and after the military confrontation between the units of the Bangladesh-Burma border after the Bangladesh's diplomatic campaign to publicize what you are suffering from problems of harboring Muslim Burmese displaced people, and unfortunately we did not hear even condemnation from many Muslim countries only after they made the official spokesman for the U.S. foreign ministry condemned the killings committed by any party in Burma, and deplored the suffering of the harassment of democracy activists, as well as what he was subjected to the displacement of Muslims from Bangladesh.
We have also heard (Jamshed Anwar) a manager of the High Commission of the United Nations when he described the tragedy of the Burmese Muslims as one of the biggest refugee problems in the world.
And spoke (Boutros Ghali), secretary of the United Nations condemned the tragic situation of the former done by the Government of Burma against the Muslims on the border of Bangladesh. But why did not send delegates, secretary of the United with him, or as a representative to stand on the tragic situation, and then hold the Security Council to punish the Burmese government to what I did from the inhuman crimes against Muslims unjustly? Why not send those delegates only to private parties such as Yugoslavia and Armenia, for example? ! Why does not the intersection of the Government of Burma by the major countries to bow to the right and stop Georha and Agramha against Muslims there.
The future of Islam and Muslims there with dark regret what Burma did not stop when alone. Unfortunately, most Muslim countries to remain silent about what is happening to their brothers and require at least ambassadors of Burma does not make protests against it and threaten to boycott if it did not stop its oppression of Muslims.
The duty to provide Islamic countries a helping hand to Bangladesh, which are overwhelmed under the weight of economic problems, flooding and the weakness of the economy is in dire need, so it must stand the Islamic countries and courageous stand to put pressure on the Government of Burma or region and then calculated for the Muslims thousand account. Will we hear about the formation of committees to support the Muslims of Burma along the country's Islamic and displayed at a time does not help the denunciation and condemnation to speak only?!
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  1. 1936, the then Kuomingtang Republic of China had an estimated 48,104,240 Muslims. After Mao's policies, the number was reported to have been reduced to 10 million. No official explanation has ever been given for this apparent disappearance of around thirty-eight million Muslims. The mass extermination and destruction of the Muslims of China clearly makes the much publicised plight of a handful of Tibetan monks or the democrats of Tiananmen Square pale into insignificance, but the West would not shed tears for Muslims.