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Miracles of the Prophet with the animals

- The miracles of animal beast his reverence, he was a monster in the house of the Prophet respected and revered and Aoukrh. Said Aisha - may Allah be pleased about -: the family of the Messenger of Allah, if a monster came out and played the Messenger of Allah has intensified, and I accept and gone, and if I feel the Messenger of God had not entered the squat Atermrm as long as the Messenger of Allah in the house hate to offend him.[Saheeh hadeeth narrated by Ahmad, and it was mentioned in Haythami complex appendages [.
- Slow strings become quickly
It's a camel master Jaber - may Allah be pleased with him - has been slow, he called his former beauty became the Apostle. And tell us about this Jaber - may Allah be pleased with him - he says: went out with the Messenger of God in the invaders Vibto my camel and Oaaana he came to the Messenger of Allah said: "What is the matter?" I said, slowly my camel and Oaaana and underdevelopment, Vhjnh Bmahgnh - any hit - and then he said, ride, Frckpt have seen me Ocfh the Messenger of Allah. The severity of any speed, and with him said: Messenger of Allah with Gzot Vtlahak me and below me I had exuded conscious.

- Arrivals wolves accept the orders of the Prophet
Hamza ibn Abi acid said: The Messenger of Allah at the funeral of a man from the Ansar Babakaa, if the wolf underlay his arms on the road, the Messenger of Allah said, "This came Astafrd Vavradwa him," they said, do you think you see, O Messenger of Allah said: "All of grazing sheep in every year, "said many said, referring to the wolf that Khalshm Hence, the wolf. And that the wolf may take them by stealth as sheep offered him the Messenger of Allah.[Basis of corroborating evidence is a hasan hadeeth narrated by al-Bayhaqi in directories and Narrated by Bazzar and Abu Naim [.

- Wolf speaks and testifies to the message
Abu Sa'eed al-Khudri - may Allah be pleased with him - he said, except for the wolf to a sheep shepherd Vantzaaha Aftlbh he took it, Voqay wolf on his guilt, he said: Do not fear God? I tend to God blessed his leg? He said: O Aajabi wolf Akelmena words among mankind! Wolf said: Shall I not tell Bojb than that? Yathrib Muhammad tells people what news has already been. He turned the shepherd drives his sheep even entered the city Vzuaha to the angle of the corners, then came to the Messenger of Allah told him he ordered the call to the Messenger of God: prayer University and then went out for the sponsor, he said: Tell them tell them. The Messenger of God: "sincerity and in whose Hand is not even at wild animals speak to mankind, and speak to the man fresh whip, and caught his shoe, thigh and tell him what caused his family after him."[Saheeh hadeeth narrated by Ahmad (3/83-84) and some in al-Tirmidhi in strife, and was narrated by al-Bayhaqi in evidence [.

- The sheep that did not have intercourse with her stallion brings!!
Ibn Mas'ud - may God be pleased with him - said: I was tending sheep for a bin Abi, he passed me the Messenger of God said to me: "Oh boy, is it coffee?" I said: Yes, but I trusted, he said: "Is it a sheep Hail did Lenz the stallion? "he said, Votih sheep Hail wiped udders sat down milk, Vhalbh in a pot and drinking, and watering Abu Bakr then said to the udder," Aqls "Vqls said: Then I approached him after I said: O Messenger of God taught me from this statement, he said, he wiped my head and said "Knowing God bless you teacher."[Hadeeth was narrated by Ahmad and Ibn Sa'd in classes [.

- A sheep or temple that do not yield milk yielded
From Abu Temple Khuzaie that the Prophet went out at night emigrated from Mecca to Medina is Abu Bakr, 'Aamir ibn Fahirh freed slave of Abu Bakr and their evidence Abdullah bin Orivt ... Then over the Messenger of God in the process so that over the Akhimte or Temple Alkhozaih, and the woman Barzeh lashes Thetbi courtyard tent, then feed and water the of passed by, Vsallagha: "Do you have anything?" She said, God, if we had something Oauzakm villages. And sheep celibate (ie long-pasture) and was a year of gray, looked at the Messenger of God to the sheep in breaking Al Khaimah, said: "Mahzh sheep Mother Temple?" She said, a sheep behind the effort for the sheep, he said: "Are you out of milk?" She said, is the strained than that. He said: "Otaznin me Ahlbha?" She said: Yes, my father and mother, that I saw Halba Vahalbha, he wiped the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him with his hand udders, and God called and called Vtfajt it (ie spaced between her legs) and I turned, he called a pot with squatting the whole night, Vhalb there until his illness foam, Vsagaha drank even told, and watered his companions to tell, then drink, and Aleppo, the second, to fill the pot, then he left then, Varthaloua, rarely broadcast that came her husband, Abu Temple marketed Oanza Aajafa (ie thinner) Atsawkn (ie, the severity of the vulnerability sway suggestively) not refined them thinner (purified bone marrow which have suffered in them) when he saw the milk, said to wonder: Where did you get this? Celibate and sheep, and dairy in the house? She said: God does not but it passed by us, Mubarak was a man in his Kate, Kate, and the status of such and such.

- Take the red bird and did not return right
Taking some of the Sahaabah chicks red, red bird came he wants his two sons. And Abdullah bin Mas'ud - may God be pleased with him - said: We were with the Messenger of Allah passed by a tree in the book where the red Vokhznahma chicks, he said, came to the Messenger of Allah red carpeted which he said: "It shocked Pferkhiha this?" He said: We said: We, said: "Rdoheme" Ferddnahma to their own homes does not come back.[Hasan hadeeth narrated by Abu Dawood in Jihad number (2675), and literature number (5268), and directed by al-Bayhaqi in directories (6/33, 32), and his word [.

- Arm the sheep speak
In the Battle of Khyber donated a decorated Jewish woman girl-Harith bin Mashkam Peace Messenger of Allah has designated a sheep roasted, and asked, any meat, I like him? They said: Vokthert arm of the poison in the arm, and when he Anthish by the arm, told him that he poisoned arm, Vlfez eaters and then said: "Gather to me from here of the Jews," They collected him ... He said to them: "Are you Sadeghi for something that I ask for?" They said: Yes, he said: "Odjaltm Sama in this sheep?" They said: Yes, he said: "What made you do that?" They said: we want the rest you're lying to you, If you are a prophet no harm.[Saheeh hadeeth narrated by Bukhari in medicine, and in the door of jihad if treachery detest, and in the door of the sheep Maghazi, Abu Dawood, no. (4509) [.
- Strings worship the messenger from Anas ibn Malik - may God be pleased with him - said: The people of the house of the Ansar them sentences watered him and that he found it hard on them Vmnahm his back, and that the Ansar came to the Messenger of Allah said: It was our camel water on it, and that he found it hard on us and prevent us back , The thirst of transplantation and palm trees, The Messenger of God to his companions: "Arise," and they went in the wall and strings in his part, walked the Prophet towards him, she said Ansar: O Messenger of God that he has become like a dog dog (any dog ​​predator) and I'm afraid you Solth, he said: "I do not have it wrong ", and when he considered sentences to the Messenger of Allah accept him even fall down in between his hands, he took the Messenger of Allah Bnasith humiliated they were never even introduced in the work, said to him, his companions: 'O Messenger of God this beast incredibly worship you, we pondered, we more deserving to worship You said, "not fit for human beings to prostrate to humans, though a reconciliation of the human being to prostrate to a human would have commanded women to prostrate to her husband from the bone right out, and my hand if it is submitted to the junction of the head ulcer burst with pus, pus, and received him Vlhsth what led right" .[Saheeh hadeeth narrated by Ahmad (3/159), Ibn Katheer said (6/149) attributed a good [.

- Strings cry and complain to the Prophet
Abdullah ibn Jafar - may Allah be pleased with him - said: Erdviny Messenger of Allah one day behind Allah said to me recently is not told by anyone ever, and the Messenger of God liked what occult in need of one or Haúh palm, went one day a wall of the walls of the Ansar If sentences may Fjd came to him and his eyes shed ... When he saw the Messenger of God longs and shed his eyes he wiped the Messenger of Allah Srath and Zfrah, dwelt, he said: "It is the camel?" Came a boy of the Ansar said: It is me O Messenger of Allah, said: "The fear of God in this beast that Ofkha God to you that he complained to you Tgaah and Tdibh. "[Saheeh hadeeth narrated by Muslim in menstruation (1/268), Abu Dawood in Jihad number (2549) and Ibn Majah number (340) (1/122), and Imam Ahmad (1/204)
- Camel and cattle worship of the Prophet for Aisha - may Allah be pleased with them - that the Messenger of God was in a group of immigrants and supporters, came camel bowed his companions and said: O Messenger of God you worship beasts and trees that we are deserving of worship you. He said: "Worship your Lord, your brother and Honor, if I were to command anyone to prostrate to a commanded women to prostrate to her husband, even if the transfer from the mountain yellow to black mountain to the mountain of white as they might have to do."[Hasan hadeeth was narrated by Ahmad (6/76), and Ibn Majah in Marriage No. (852) [
- Let them, they commanded
Whereas on Friday, after the arrival of the Prophet to the city rode order of God Vadrkih Friday in Bani Salim ibn Awf, he gathered them in the mosque, which in the belly of the valley, then rode they took Bouktam his camel, so to number, equipment, weapons and strength, he said: "passed away the process, they are commanded" but remains camel moving it does not pass House of the role of supporters, but they wanted him to come down on them and says, "let them, they commanded" walked until I reached the position of the mosque today, and Burkett, and did not come down about it until I got up and walked a bit, then turned, she went back, Fbrki in place I sat down it, in the Bani Najjar his maternal uncles, and it was the God her, it would love to come down to his maternal uncles, recognizes them so, and started to people Ichaelmon Messenger of God to come down on them and took the initiative, Abu Ayyub al-Ansari - may Allah be pleased with him - to ride enter that house, and started to Messenger God says, "with one's trip."[Saheeh hadeeth narrated by al-Bukhari and Muslim]- The horse before the weak and generates huge amounts of money
For Djaal Ashja'i - may Allah be pleased with him - said: Gzot with the Messenger of Allah in some of his conquests, and I'm on a horse to me Jfa weak, he said: I was in other people, Vlhakna Messenger of Allah said: "The Secret O owner of the horse," I said: O Messenger of Allah Jfa weak, he said: Messenger of Allah raised him Vdharbha the beater and said: "God bless him," he said, have seen me hold her head to provide the people, and I sold her stomach from twelve thousand.[Incorrect: Bukhari in history (1/248), and women in the Sunan major, Bayhaqi in directories (6/153).]
- Camel base and moving ahead
This Sahabi Oadzth camel to move his foot moved a Vmesha was preceded. Says Abu Huraira - may Allah be pleased with him -: A man came to the Prophet and said: I have married a woman, he said: "Will you look at it in the eyes of the fans anything?" He said, had considered it, said: "How to marry her?" He recalled nothing, said "as if they were sculpting gold and silver than the width of these mountains, what we have today is something Nattiykh, but Sabosk in the face of hit it," he sent missions to the children frowned and sent a man among them, came to and said: O Messenger of Allah Oaitni Pornstar be emitted, said: Venolh Messenger of Allah his hand Kalmatmd him to do, Votaha Vdharbha with his foot, said Abu Huraira: and my hand before I saw her by the leader.[Saheeh hadeeth narrated by Muslim in marriage (2/1040), and al-Bayhaqi in directories (6/154).]

- Sheep that do not generate yield and give birth to sheep many from Abu Bakr - may Allah be pleased with him - said: I went out with the Messenger of God from Mecca Vanthena to the district of the Arabs, and he looked the Messenger of Allah to the house of recessive He went to him, and when we went down was not the only woman, she said : O slave of Allah, I am only a woman and I do not have one, Flakma with great neighborhood if you want to villages (ie, Prepare for guests) no fronts and when evening came I have Boanz has driven, she said to him: Son, started this goat and the code to these two men, Say to them, as my mother says: Both of these Azbha Otemana and, when he came said to him, the prophet went hairs and Jina defamation, said: It may Asbet, and has no milk.
Said: Go, so it came Bakdh. He wiped the Prophet udders, then Aleppo and filled the mug and then said, 'Move it to your mother, drank even told, then came by and said,' Move this and Jina another, and he did it as well, then drink the Prophet Fbtna the night and then we set off and was called blessed, and there were many Gnmha even brought brought to the city, passed by Abu Bakr saw him her son recognized him, he said: O mother, this man who was blessed with, so she said to him: O slave of Allah the man who was with you? He said: You know, what is he? She said no. Said, is the prophet: Vadkhalna it, it Vadkhalha Votamha and gave her, And she gave him a bit of yogurt and the pleasures of the Bedouin, Vksaha and gave her, and converted to Islam.[Hasan hadeeth narrated by al-Bayhaqi in directories (2/419), passing the door of the Messenger of Allah, Ibn Katheer said: its chain as well as in the good treasure of workers (46 287), (16/666 665)

- Camel's talk about second to none bin index finger said: I was with the Prophet in the trajectory to him, so he wanted to spend his need ordered friendlies Vandmt one to the other, and then ordered them to Faragata to Mnapthma, The beast struck Fjranh to the ground and then dragged so wet around him, he said the Messenger of God: " Do you know what he says camel's back? It is alleged that the owner wants his throat, "he sent to the Messenger of Allah said:" You Oahph me? "O Messenger of Allah said: Mali money is dearer to him. He said: "Astos known him," He said: No offense to his dignity no money Akram, O Messenger of God.
- DOE words and testimony of the Prophet peace be upon him the letter
Abu Said - may Allah be pleased with him - said: The Messenger of Allah Bzbah tied to tent, she said: O Messenger of Allaah, until they even go Verda Khhvi, then go back Fterbtunai, The Messenger of God: "fishing folk and Rbith people," he said, he took it swore to him Vhlha So I stayed only a few came up to what has been shaken in its udders Frbtha Messenger of God, and then came tent owners Vastohbha Vohboh his Vhlha then the Messenger of Allah said: "If I knew what death of the animals you know what the fat you eat them all."[Narrated by al-Bayhaqi in directories (6/334).]
From Zayd ibn Arqam - may Allah be pleased with him - said: I was with the Prophet in some of the railway passed by the city Boukaba Bedouin, if the doe to Alkhaba tight, she said, O Messenger of God: This Bedouin Astadenei Crown Khchwen in the wilderness may hold in the milk is not Okhlavi Ivbhani Vostrih do not let me go back to Khhvi in ​​the wild, said to her, the Messenger of God: "that let you Trdjaan" She said: Yes, but tormented God torment the tax collector - the camel, which came from obscenity pregnancy ten months - Votalgaha Messenger of God, but soon, but that came Tlmaz Vhdha Messenger Alkhaba to God and accept the bottle with the Bedouin and the Messenger of Allah said to him: "Oetbiniha?" He said, is for you, O Messenger of Allah Messenger of Allah Votalgaha.[Narrated by al-Bayhaqi and Abu Naim in Dlaúlhma [
- Understanding Albglp words of the Prophet for Shaybah bin Osman Ahadjba - may Allah be pleased with him - said: The Messenger of God to Abbas on nostalgia, "handed me the grit," and horizon God Albglp his words, fell until almost her belly touches the ground, it handled the Messenger of God of Batha, Vgesa in their faces. He said: "Chaht faces Ham will not be helped" (Sura means smoke).
Anas - may God be pleased with him - said: defeated Muslims with nostalgia and the Messenger of Allah Bgleth buffy - and was named Dldl - Said the Messenger of God: Dldl Alibda, Volzkt belly land, he took a handful of dust, stoned in their faces, and said: "Ham will not be helped, Fanahzm people, and threw an arrow, and stabbed with a spear. "

- Alvhlan prostrate to the Prophet
From Ibn Abbas that a man from the Ansar had a Vhlan FA Gtlma Vadkhalhma wall spoiled them the door and then came to the Prophet, so he wanted to pray for him and the Prophet sitting with a group of Ansar and said: O Prophet of Allah, I come in need, and that Vhalin me Aghtlma I put them on a wall and made it the door I'd like to invite me to Askma God to me and said to his companions: "Arise with us," he went until he came to the door he said: "Open" Vohafq the man on the Prophet said: "Open" opened the door, if a Alvhalin close to the door. When he saw the Prophet worshiped him, The Prophet said: "bring me something more with his head and if you can it," came Bouktam Tugging his head and he can of it and then walked to the far wall to the stallion the other when he saw took his prostration, and he said to the man: "bring me something more his head", he stressed his head and he is able him and then said: "Go, they do not Aasaank", and when he saw the companions of the Prophet, they said: These Vhlan not Aaklan prostrate to you, do you not worship You, said: "No commander of one prostrate to one, even if ordered one prostrate to one, would have commanded women to prostrate to her husband." .[Haythami said in the complex (9/8, 7): Narrated by Tabarani and the Abu Azza al-Dabbagh and confident that I and the rest of his men Hibbaan trustworthy [
Wolves and requests the right to speak
Roll up for a man of decorated said: Messenger of Allah peace be with Fot wolves came on behind him, and when he finished the Messenger of Allah said: "These wolves came Takbarakm to divide their money or what repairs Tkhaloha change is upon you", they said: Let her change is upon us.[Narrated by Tirmidhi in his Sunan provided (p. 8), and narrated by Ibn Abi Shaybah (c 11 o'clock 480 No. 11 785).]
- Certificate of lizard to the message of the Prophet
Umar ibn al-Khattab - may Allah be pleased with him - that the Messenger of God was in the forum of his companions as the Bedouin came from Bani Salim R Duba and may make it in the sleeve for him to go and eat Fachou trip when he saw the group, said: What is this? They said: This which claims to be a prophet: He came to split people: He said: Lat and Uzza that included women with a tone hateful to you do not detest it not that Asameena national calves for accelerated You Afqatltk Vsrrt kill: black, red, white, and others, said Omar bin al-Khattab: O God: Let me spend some and kill him. He said: "O Omar: Do you not know that Halim almost be a prophet," and then turned to the Bedouin said: ((What made you do that I said what I said? I said is right? Not Tkrmena in both houses?)) Said: call me as well? Disregard of the Messenger of Allah and Lat and Uzza do not believe you or believe in you this lizard and remove the lizard from his sleeve and put it in the hands of the Messenger of Allah Messenger of Allah: ((my lizard?)) Replied lizard tongue clear Arabic hear people all: 'Bring forth those O Zain and Avi resurrection. Said: ((worship of my lizard?)) Said: who is in heaven, his throne, his power in the earth, and sea paradise in him mercy, punishment in the Fire said: ((I it is my lizard?)) Said: Messenger of Allah, the Lord of the Worlds , and the Seal of the Prophets, has returned from honesty, was disappointed of telling lies. The Bedouin said: Do not follow the trace after the eye and God has brought you and what on earth more hateful to you, today you dearer to me than my father and my eyes, and me and I love you inside me, and external, confidential and Alanetti. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and you are the Messenger of God.
The Messenger of Allah: ((Praise be to Allah Who has guided me, that this religion prevail and not be second to none and does not accept prayer but prayer only and does not accept the Koran)), said: teach me Flmh {Say: He is a God! Archived said: What I heard in simple nor in the shun better than this.

He said: O Bedouin! : ((This is the Word of God is not a poem you read {Say God is One! Once you had the reward of reading third of the Qur'aan and that I have read twice was for you the reward of reading two thirds the Koran - and if I read it three times, were you the reward of reading the entire Quran)) . Said the Bedouin: Yes God: God accept easy and gives thanks, said to him, the Messenger of Allah: ((Alec money)) said: said: What is built in a sound the whole man is the poorest of me, Messenger of God to his companions: ((gave him)) Voattoh even Ibtrōh . So, Abdul Rahman bin Auf said: O Messenger of God! That I have nothing to him without Albouktin Ashra and catch up Aloarabiy not donated to the cause on the Tabuk get close to God Almighty and push it to the Bedouin.

The Messenger of Allah: ((have been described Naguetk Vocef owner on the Day of Resurrection)) said: Yes. Said: ((Knaqh you from their lists of Dora hollow green and aquamarine aquamarine yellow neck of the Hodge and Alhodg Sondos and Alaestbrq and pass you on the path lightning snap Agbtk each of thee, the Day of Resurrection)). Abdul Rahman said: You may have chosen. A Bedouin came out Vlekaya Bedouin from the Bani Salim A beast. A sword with them and a thousand shaft. He said to them: Where do you want? They said: We go to this foolishness that our gods Venguetlh said: Do not do I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah Vhaddthm talk, they said, may all: there is no god but God and Mohammed is His Messenger. Then entered and was told of the Prophet: Vtlqahm went down without a robe for Rkpanam accept the terms and Lavoie of it, they say: there is no god but God and Mohammed is His Messenger.
Then they said: O Messenger of Allah ordered us to u, he said: ((formed under the banner of Khaled Bin Al Waleed)) did not believe the Arabs and other thousand others.[Narrated by Abu Naim in the directories (p. 320), and directed by al-Bayhaqi in directories, and Ibn Kathir said in the beginning (6/149), and Suyuti in the properties (2, p 65).]

- Tell all the sheep taken without the permission of her family did not know that one of his miracles unseen for telling the past
About a man from the Ansar said: We went out with the Messenger of Allah at the funeral and I saw the Messenger of Allah is on the grave recommend hoof: wider than before his feet, wider than before the head, when he returned he was met by need a woman, came and brought food placed his hand on it and put people on their hands and they ate and saw our fathers Messenger Wheelock is a bit in it, and then said: ((I find the flesh of a sheep, I took without the permission of her family)). He said, sent a woman, O Messenger of Allah, I was sent to the Baqi 'buy me a sheep did not exist, I sent to my neighbor had bought a sheep that was sent out to its price there is not, sent to his wife sent to them, the Messenger of Allah said: ((Otamah captive)) .[Narrated by Abu Dawood and see the beginning (6/198).]
- News about what is happening around him sentences
From Ibn Abbas that the Messenger of Allah said: (Aitken Her sentences Aloznb kills around dead, many survive after almost). (True: Narrated by Ibn Abi Shaybah (15/360). Any kills. In the year thirty-six. Have been killed on sentences sixty thousand of

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