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The month of Rajab in the balance

The month of Rajab in the balanceFaisal bin Ali Baadani
Fadl-Allah (the Almighty) Some days and nights and months on some, as required by his wisdom quarters; to find the subjects in the faces of land, and multiply the good deeds, but the devils among mankind and the jinn worked to repel people from the straight path, and sat them all the Observatory; to prevent them from good , Vzinoa for a range of people to virtue and mercy seasons room for fun and comfort, and the field of the abuse of pleasures and desires.And incited other communities, whether they are those who may have good intentions, but thinks their ignorance of the provisions of the religion, with interests and Riyasat religious or worldly frightened on their interests and the demise of their sites of competition seasons of good and year seasons creator what Allah has sent down by the Sultan, said Hassan Ben Attia: "What people who invented the heresy in religion, but removal of their year like God, do not give it back to them until the Day of Resurrection "(1), but Ayoub Alschtiyanj said:" What increased his heresy diligent but increased the dimension of God "(2).Perhaps one of the most prominent of these seasons innovated: what he is doing some of the subjects in many countries in the month of Rajab, and therefore: Vsamutir in this article to address some of the people in it, and presented to the provisions of law and what the scholars, advice to the nation and a reminder to them; Perhaps the guidance to the hearts, and Faha to the eyes and ears lived in the darkness of heresies and dilemmas of ignorance.Do's (July) preferred over other months?:Ibn Hajar said: "I have not shown the virtue of the month of Rajab, nor fast, nor in the fasting thing of it given, nor in the night-specific it .. talk properly fit the argument, and went before me to say for sure that Imam Abu Ismail Heravi keeper, Roenah his attribution of True, as well as from other Roenah "(3).He also said: "The ahaadeeth about the virtue of Rajab, or the virtue of fasting, or fasting for any of it explicit: they are of two types: weak, and placed, and we cite the weak, and we refer to the set signal Mvhma" (4), then proceeded in its home market.Raghaa'ib prayer:First described by: set described in an interview subject from Anas that the Prophet - peace be upon him - said: "There is a fast on Thursday (the first Thursday of Rajab) and then pray in between dinner and dark means Friday night twelve rak'ahs, reciting in each rak'ah the Opening of the book and ((We sent down on the Night of Power)) three times, and ((Say God is One)) a dozen times, separated between each two rak'ahs extradite him, when he finished his prayer blessings of seventy, he says, in his prostration seventy times : (Sbouh Holy, Lord of the angels and the Spirit), then lifted his head and says seventy times: Lord, forgive and have mercy and beyond what you know, You are the dear Father, then do the second he says, such as what he said in the first prostration, then ask Allah (God) needs, they spent " .. The Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - "and my hand, no slave nor a nation prayed this prayer, but Allah will forgive him all his sins, if they like the foam of the sea, and the number of sand, and the weight of the mountains, and paper trees, accompanied by the Day of Resurrection in the seven hundred of his family who has forced the Fire "(5).Second: The words of the scholars around:Al-Nawawi said: "Heresy is the denial of the most ugly, reprehensible, containing evils, must leave it and ignoring it, and deny the perpetrator" (6).The son of Copper, "a heresy, the modern subject of the agreement contained therein modernists" (7).Ibn Taymiyah said: "The prayer raghaa'ib, it is not out of her, it is up to date, there is mustahabb, no group or individual; It is proven in Saheeh Muslim that the Prophet - peace be upon him - forbade that belong to the Friday night the establishment or on Friday, fast, and impact who reminded the subject of a lie according to scholarly consensus, and no one reminded him of the Salaf and the Imams originally "(8).Has shown Tartooshi the beginning and developed, he said: "He told me Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, he said, we did not have Maqdis never pray raghaa'ib this by praying in Rajab and Sha'ban, and the first thing that occurred here in years forty-eight and four hundred, he came to us in the house of the holy man from Nablus, known as Ibn Abi red, and it was good reading, so he prayed at Al Aqsa Mosque on the middle of August ... to be said: The prayer Recep did not occur here in Jerusalem until one year after eighty-four hundred, and what we saw or heard them before "( 9).The assertion put her: Ibn al in the subjects, and Hafiz Abu Khattab, Abu Shama (10), as asserted Bbdeitha: Ibn Al-Hajj (11), Ibn Rajab, said that Abu Ismail Al-Ansari, Abu Bakr Sam'aani, Abu Fadl ibn Nasser (12 ) .. And others (13).Third, the rule of links brought to the hearts of common people:Abu Shama: "How many of the Imam said to me: he does not pray but preserved to the hearts of common folk it, and insisted on his mosque for fear of hitting the him (!), And in this entry of them in prayer without faith is correct, and disrespect to stand before Allah (God), even not in this innovation only This is enough, and anyone who believes in this prayer, or gracious he emitter of that, attractive factors as they believed them, liars to Shara because of it, even if Besroa and knew this, year after year to Oqalo about it and Olgoh, but eventually the presidency lovers of innovation and Mhieddiha , and God bless.The presidents of the People of the Book prevent them Islam fear the demise of their presidency, and those came down: ((So woe to those who write the Book with their hands and then say this is from Allah to buy him a small price woe to them, which I wrote on their hands and woe to them than they earn)) [al-Baqarah: 79] "( 14).Flowers:Of the greatest miracles of the Prophet - peace be upon him -: Night Journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the Aqsa Mosque, and then ascending by the seven heavens and above, has spread in some countries celebrate anniversary on the night of the twenty-seventh of Rajab, is not valid because the night of Isra 'in those night, Ibn Hajar said that Ibn Dahyah: "Some of retribution that the Night Journey was in July, he said, and that lie" (15), and Ibn Rajab said: "The Roy attribution is not valid, for al-Qasim ibn Muhammad, that the Night Journey the Prophet - peace be upon him - was in the seventh and twentieth of July, and denied that Ibrahim al-Harbi and others "(16).Ibn Taymiyah said: "There was no evidence known, not months, not to Ashrha, nor on the same, but the quotations of different cut off, nor do they cut it" (17).That if proven to set the night of Flowers When he started for a customized something; because it has not been proven from the Prophet - peace be upon him - or about one of his companions, or of them until they made the night of Isra advantage from the other, as well as to evaluate celebrate the anniversary, as well as to what is in the celebration of the heresies and evil (18).Slaughter in July and looks like him:God in the absolute slaughter Recep not Bmmnoa Kalzbh in other months, but the people of ignorance, slaughtered the sacrifice they call: ateerah, the scholars have differed in its judgment: he went to the majority is that Islam abolished, Mstdelan saying, as when two Sheikhs from Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him ): "I do not Ateerah was abrogated" (19).Some of them such as Ibn Sirin to mustahabb, Mstdelan interviews several shows on the passport, and I answer them that the hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him), the healthiest of them and proved, so work on it without it, but some of them said son Warner backs; the delay Islam Abu Hurayrah, and that the passport was in the Islam was then copied, and this is the correct view (20).Hasan said: "Nothing in Islam Otairh, but was ateerah in ignorance, one of them was fast and defects" (21).Ibn Rajab said: "The slaughter in Rajab is similar: take a season and a festival, like eating candy and the like, was narrated from Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with them) that he hated to take the July holiday" (22).Allocation of Rajab or fasting retreats:Ibn Rajab said: "As for fasting, not true of the virtue of fasting in Rajab is something that the Prophet - peace be upon him - nor his companions," (23).Ibn Taymiyah said: "As for fasting Rajab in particular: the ahaadeeth concerning that are all weak, but in place, scholars do not rely on any of them, not by the weak story goes in the virtues, rather most of them are fabricated and false ... It was narrated by Ibn Majah in his Sunan from Ibn Abbas, the Prophet - peace be upon him - he forbade fasting Rajab, and attributed view, but it is true that Umar ibn al-Khattab was hit by the people; to put their hands in the food in Rajab, and says: Do not Chbhoh Ramadan ... and the allocation of i'tikaaf three months: Rajab, Sha'ban, and Ramadan I do not know in which order, but all of a project fast fast and wanted to retire from his fast, it was permissible without a doubt, though i'tikaaf without fasting is subject to masturbate to the people of science "(24).And he did not want the virtues of fasting in Rajab in something does not mean that fasting volunteered it, which contained the texts public in him and in others, Kalatnin, and Thursday, and three days of each month, and fasting the day and breakfast last, but who hates As mentioned Tartooshi (25) fasting on one of three ways:1 - If Muslims are summed in each year by the common folk who does not know his Sharia law, with the advent of the imposition of that month, like Ramadaan fast.2 - the belief that his fast year fixed summed up the Prophet fasting Calcnn Sunnah.3 - a belief that fasting is the ad hoc due to the reward of fasting in other months, and that being the course of Ashura, and the virtue of last night at the beginning of the prayer, it would be the door of the virtues is not a matter of traditions and obligations, even if it also with the Prophet - peace be upon him - or do If once in a lifetime, and when he did not do: being a hero just for a few virtues.Umrah in Rajab:Keen some people on the Umrah in Rajab, believing that the Amra the more advantage, and this has no basis, Al-Bukhaari from Ibn 'Umar (may Allah be pleased with them), said: "The Messenger of God' Umrah four times, one of them in July, she (ie Aisha ): God have mercy on Abu 'Abd al-Rahman, but what did' Umrah Umrah which he saw, and never did 'Umrah in Rajab "(26).Ibn al-Attar: "What I have heard from the people of Mecca (may Allaah increase honor) accustomed frequently during Rajab, and this is something that I do not know of any basis" (27).The text of the label "Ibn Baaz" (28) that the best time performed the umrah, the month of Ramadan; because the Prophet - peace be upon him -: "'Umrah in Ramadan is equivalent to Hajj," and then after that: Umrah in a November; because the old are all occurred in a November, has said of God (Almighty): ((Ye have indeed in the Messenger of Allah a good example)) [parties: 21].Zakat in July:Some people used to allocate countries to bring the Zakat Rajab, Ibn Rajab said about it: "there is no basis for that year, and knew about one of the predecessor ... Whatever the case, for he must have been due if the squint quorum, all one has about his own jurisdiction, according to the time queen of the quorum, and if was around him, he must pay zakaah in any month was, "Then he mentioned the passport expedite zakaah to seize the time Fadel month, like Ramadaan, or to take advantage of charity to those who do not there like him in need when the year has passed .. and so on (29).Ibn al-Attar: "What people do in these times of the output Zakat money in August without other times has no basis, but the Islamic ruling that you must remove the Zakat money when one year around, whether police or other Rajab" (30).No accidents great in Rajab:Ibn Rajab said: "It was narrated that he was in the month of Rajab accidents great, and did not correct any of that, furry, that the Prophet was born on the first night of it, and that he sent in the twenty-seventh of it, and it was said in the twenty-fifth, and can not thing of it ... "(31).Pause with some of the preachers:Some preachers today practiced types of seasonal fads Qaibda Recep conviction with no legitimacy; the pretext of fear of lack of functioning of people without worship, if they left what they are heresy.Although the innovation the most serious sin after polytheism, but this trend in the call and the way change is a serious violation of the teachings of the Prophet, and the duty: to be called people to the year purely that do not have integrity without it, said the revolutionary: "The scholars say, is not correct to say but do not correct words and deeds, but the structure, not correct to say, work and faith only with the consent of the Year "(32).It was to be for them to learn the year, and teach, and call themselves and those around them to their application; because the Prophet - peace be upon him - said: "It is action that is not us it is," and God der Abi high when he told some of his companions: "Learn Islam If you have learned not you like him, and you Babat the rectum, the Straight Path: Islam, nor Tnhrvoa on the right path right and left, and you Sunnah of your Prophet, and you and the passions that people receive between enmity and hatred "(33).And before said Huzaifa (may Allah be pleased with him): "O readers: Astakimoa, the Sbaktm scoop away, and you have received, while right and left have deceived far astray" (34).And finally:The preachers today and the nation with them are required to strip the follow-up of the Prophet - peace be upon him - in every matter, just like what they are being asked to strip devotion to God (Allah), if they wanted for themselves survive, but their religion victory and Aazaza, said God (Allah): ( (it was hoping to meet his Lord, let him work righteousness does not involve the worship of his Lord)) [Kahf: 110] He said (interpretation of the meaning): ((Inasrn God of victory that God is Strong, Almighty)) [al-Hajj: 40].May God grant all of the good, a guide to the way of righteousness.

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